Detroit Eviction Defense

Detroit Eviction Defense is a mutual aid organization working to stop displacement and stabilize neighborhoods. More info here and here.  

Property Praxis

Property Praxis is a collective exercise illustrating the impact of speculation on cities. This map focuses on Detroit. Though speculative practices vary, these activities often change the role and use of property in neighborhoods and communities. At its most extreme, speculation generates vacancy and abandonment. It is often a practice with minimal investment hastening theContinue reading “Property Praxis”

Home Savers Campaign

The Home Savers Campaign is organizing contract buyers throughout the eastern United States and midwest to stop exploitative contract selling and evictions. The campaign has successfully pressured Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to stop selling foreclosed properties to “as is” sellers. The campaign is focused on large national and regional buyers preying on residents inContinue reading “Home Savers Campaign”

Race and Region: The legacy of Orville Hubbard

The story of Orvie Hubbard, segregation, and Southeast Michigan in map form by Urban and Regional Studies Students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.    


A year long project that combines visual images, research on speculation, and social media to detail both the extent and impact of property speculation in Detroit. Read some of the features! Feature Content

The Eviction Machine

The Eviction Machine is an organizing, advocacy, and research tool developed to understand systematic displacement, inform strategies of direct engagement on behalf of tenants, and produce data informed critiques of the laws, policies, and actors that disrupt and devastate tenants’ lives through eviction. The Eviction Machine is a for-profit housing system where forced displacement isContinue reading “The Eviction Machine”


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