The Eviction Machine

The Eviction Machine is an organizing, advocacy, and research tool developed to understand systematic displacement, inform strategies of direct engagement on behalf of tenants, and produce data informed critiques of the laws, policies, and actors that disrupt and devastate tenants’ lives through eviction.

The Eviction Machine is a for-profit housing system where forced displacement is the business model.

The Eviction Machine is a legal process that privileges landlords and disempowers tenants.

The Eviction Machine is a society that treats eviction like a property dispute, not a fundamental injustice.

The Eviction Machine must be stopped.

We retrieve case records from the 36th District Court’s online Register of Actions (ROA)case inquiry system and partner with Data Driven Detroit (D3) to translate case-level information into a quantitative dataset.

This project was developed by the Urban Praxis Workshop with support from UM Poverty Solutions and Data Driven Detroit. Read more on the methods here.


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Published by Alex B. Hill

Alex works to address the impacts of health disparities from chronic diseases through data analysis and community engagement strategies. His personal research is focused on food access, health disparities, and racial justice. Alex's projects and research focus on the need for greater community involvement at all levels and specifically highlights the intersections of power, privilege, and race.