On Speculation and Organizing

“In Detroit, land contracts outpace all other types of lending instruments for housing. … These instruments are incredibly flexible and allow for the possiblity of homeownership, but that flexibility also offers a lot of opportunity for exploitation.”

In late December, Urban Praxis’ Josh Akers was the guest on Wade’s World, a weekly broadcast on KABF in Little Rock focused on organizing and poor people’s campaigns around the world.

The topic of this show, hosted by longtime organizer Wade Rathke, ranged from tax foreclosures to land contracts and evictions and the work of organizations opposing speculators and displacement through direct action in Detroit.

You can listen the full episode here.

Akers and Seymour (2018) Instrumental exploitation: Predatory property relations at city’s end. Geoforum 91, 127-140.


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I research and write about urban and economic geography. I teach at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

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